Our History

Before 1929.

At the turn of the 20th Century Ystalyfera was in its industrial heyday, having a much larger population to draw upon than it does today. The introduction of recreational sport in the form of Rugby Football was a natural progression, despite much passionate opposition from religious circles, these being most influential in the fabric of our Welsh communities at that time. Dictated by heavy industry work/shift patterns, a number of local village sides were generated. Development and amalgamation saw a team materialise in 1884 to play our beloved game against sides located outside of the parish of Llanguke. This has been recognised and accepted as the start of Ystalyfera Rugby Football Club.

Over the years the ‘Fera have played on at least five fields; First games were at the Gurnos Fawr (now houses on Swanfield behind St. David's church). This was followed by a period on the Cae Simon field behind the 'Remploy' factory. A few seasons on the Wind road cycle field, then back to the Cae Simon field and from 1921 the present Ynysydarren ground.

For many decades the team, as did most sides, endured basic changing and washing facilities. The Old Swan, The New Swan, St. David's Church Hall and the Ystalyfera Hotel all were used, before moving to the current site at Ynysydarren.